How does it work?
Answer incoming phone calls
You have several options for using our services: redirect one of your phone numbers to us or use the domestic or foreign numbers we offer.

Virtual answering machines will handle your calls from 8 a.m. to 6 p.Eac
h caller will hear a greeting arranged specifically for your business

Callers can receive basic information about your business, price list, etc.,
according to your needs and guidelines

Thanks to high qualifications, our virtual secretaries are able to distinguish between types of
phones (from new customers, regular customers, urgent calls) and handle callers according to your instructions

Call forwarding

Our lovable virtual answering machines will let you know who’s calling, and if you want to accept a call, they’ll redirect the caller to you, no matter where you’re at, to the number you’ve indicated..
Interim guidelines for mergers

Let us know that you’re going to a meeting or that you just don’t want to answer the phone for a few hours, and virtual secretaries will take care of everyone. All you need is a short email or phone call.
Messages sent by e-mail and/or sms

Information collected during virtual secretarial conversations will be forwarded to you at the end of the day or at the end of each call. Messages can be forwarded by e-mail, sms or both. Everything according to your needs.

We call back on your behalf

Virtual secretaries can make calls on your behalf to confirm a meeting or provide small information.

We will guide your calendar

Allow yourself the luxury of a calendar run by a professional secretary. You will never forget any meeting. With the calendar available online, you can check your schedule at any time or if you prefer to receive a notification by sms or email about an upcoming meeting.
Ability to control service usage

At the end of each week, you will receive a report indicating the number of calls handled by virtual secretaries.

Watch a short video.

Customize I’m already connecting to your needs.
All connections
Virtual answering machines will receive all calls addressed to you.
I’m already connecting to become the voice of your company!
Only at a certain time
Incoming calls can be redirected to I’m already connecting (also from a non-serviced phone number), for example, a few days a week or for several hours during the day.It’s all up to you.
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Put some of your competences in the hands of highly specialized secretaries who will provide your clients with the highest quality of services. Your clients will be serviced by a nice, friendly and qualified person from the ''Już Łączę '' team.